Basic Overview on Real Estate


Real estate is a big property place that includes all the belonging that are placed on a piece of land. These include building, all the natural resources such as crops, water, minerals, animals and all the other things. In general building and houses are taken in co0nsiideration.

The business of real estate involves renting, buying and selling of these properties involving different parties. Real estate at has legal meaning in different states including, Canada, India, Pakistan, Australia,United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Residential real estate :

Residential real estate is the place of accommodation for the people who lives with a single family or holding of multiple families together. These are an occupation for non-business people. Residential areas are classified according to the neighbouring areas that are in the vicinity. Multiple housing structures are followed for the residence. For example number of the house can be owned by a single person and these can be leased or rented to other parties on different term agreements. These agreements can include duration of authority, terms and conditions and common areas and concerns

Categories in the United States or Europe:

Different sort of real estate, structures or categories in the United States or Europe are described here:

  • Apartment or flats: these comprised of the exquisite unit in multi-unit facilities. The boundaries of a single apartment are well defined. Usually, there are multiple apartments in a single structure.
  • Multi-family house: these are defined as single story apartment one above other. Each of the stories is owned by a single family.
  • Townhouse: these consist of single or multiple individualised buildings that are present in a continuous row having a common wall between two units and no space in between.
  • Building or complex: these are just like apartments but are owned by people. There is mutual sharing of common ground and common areas. Townhouse or row house style condominiums are also present.
  • Cooperative housing: in this type of housing the residence is owned by multiple owners. The residents have their sharing via Cooperative authority that has the ownership of the housing. Different people are given the right to occupy these specific units under certain agreements with mutual interest.
  • Semi-detached dwellings: these are the house that is owned by a single family which are made as a pair and shared a common wall in between. Both houses are usually alike.
  • Single-family detached house: it comprises of the single family building in an area.
  • Portable dwellings: these are the resident option that comes with the option of movement across places. These include mobile homes, houseboats and tents.
  • Mobile homes: these are the full-time house that are on wheels and can be carried to a number of places.
  • House boats: these are the residence built on boats.
  • Tents: these are usually temporary accommodations having roof and walls usually made up of fabrics

The sizes of the accommodations are described in meters or square feet. For a rough estimation of these are a number of rooms can be used. Also don’t forget to check out real estate in Pelican Ridge Estates, a prime coastal locale in southern California that boasts an elegant and exclusive lifestyle.

Categories in Asia:

Real estate structure in Asia comprises of:

  • Chawl
  • Villas
  • Havelis
  • Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS)
  • Condominiums

They are measured in Quila, Marla, Acre, Beegha or Gaz.

Different sort of accommodation of real estate is present around the globe. Every person accommodates them according to their personal interest and benefits. How to invest real estate in Orange County or anywhere else? =


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